7 Towns Perfect for Retirement in Colorado Plateau (2024)

7 Towns Perfect for Retirement in Colorado Plateau (1)

Finding the perfect place to retire requires a lot of research, decision-making, and planning. It can be tough to narrow down your new community, and factors like medical care, amenities, and recreation play a huge role. Well, the Colorado Plateau might have just what you're looking for. A combination of the states of New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona, the Colorado Plateau is home to world-class skiing, outdoor adventures, wild west and Native American history, and delicious cuisines. Whether you're looking to explore the historic pueblos, catch some fish on a serine lake, or make friends and find a community, the four corners of these four states have a town made for everybody. All of the towns listed below have on-site health care options, plenty of places to pick up necessities, and an abundance of activities great for keeping your days busy now that you don't have to commute to work.

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Grants, New Mexico

7 Towns Perfect for Retirement in Colorado Plateau (2)

Off Interstate 40 and an hour from Albuquerque, Grants is full of history, from monuments to centuries-old parks and natural structures. Explore Bluewater State Park or take in the beauty of the Sandstone Bluffs within the El Malpais National Monument. Hike around Mount Sedgwick or Mount Taylor and snap some pictures of the El Morro National Monument. For those who love a good backpacking trip, journey down the Gooseberry Springs Trail or the Continental Divide Trail. You can also visit fantastic sights like the Ice Caves and Bandera Volcano or the nearby pueblos, including Acoma, Laguna, and Zuni. Back in town, you can walk the Riverwalk Park, which features a pond and an amphitheater. Play a game at the Coyote del Malpais Golf Course or swim at the pool in the neighboring community of Milan. Grab the essentials at big-name stores like Walmart, Dollar Tree, and Walgreens, or shop for something special at the boutiques, flower shops, and trading posts. Indulge in your known favorites at restaurants like Taco Bell, Sonic, and Dairy Queen, or embrace the local restaurant scene with various steakhouses, pizza joints, Chinese food restaurants, and places serving up authentic New Mexico cuisine. At the public library, take advantage of the book club or opportunities for competitive chess. The Cibola Senior Center offers meals, transport, an exercise room, a library, pool tables, puzzle tables, trivia events, yoga, bingo, and gardening. The town also has the Rockin 66 Express, a transportation service for those who need it most. Homes in Grants are around an affordable $225,000.

Durango, Colorado

7 Towns Perfect for Retirement in Colorado Plateau (3)

Close to the New Mexico border and the San Juan National Forest, Durango not only offers in-town activities but also endless adventures to nearby places and sights. Float down the Animas River on a hot summer day, or take part in some swimming, kayaking, and picnicking at Lake Nighthorse. Haviland Lake offers trout fishing, and the Santa Rite Whitewater Park has spots for a riverside picnic. Hike and admire the various mountain ranges, including La Plata and San Juan, and in the winter, ski at Purgatory Ski Resort. Take a dip in the Durango Hot Springs and golf at courses like Glacier, Hillcrest, and Dalton Ranch. Make vacationing easy with the La Plata Airport, and commuting around town is easy with public transit and the walkable Historic District downtown. Here, you can experience live music and yearly events, as well as cute boutiques and charming restaurants. Stay active even during the cold with the recreation center, which offers a pool, climbing wall, and fitness area. The Chapman Hill ice rink and ski area are near downtown as well for some winter activities. The local library offers a book club, poetry workshops, gardening classes, and writing circles, or you can embrace your artistic side with clay studios, bead stores, and art supplies shops throughout town. As for shopping, shop the basics at the supermarket or browse unique stores offering things like fresh honey, alpaca products, outdoor clothing, leatherwork, books, and organic groceries. The easy-to-access hospital, urgent care clinic, and dental office also keep your worries to a minimum. Homes in Durango cost around $899,000 on average.

Hurricane, Utah

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Hurricane is a central point for an array of fun activities and adventures. It is near the Cedar Breaks National Monument as well as the Grand Canyon. Explore Bryce Canyon National Park or kayak at Lake Powell. The Brian Head Ski Resort is great for a winter afternoon, with an onsite cafe and restaurant. The Sky Mountain Golf Course is great for a game, and you can conquer the Red Rock Golf Trail, which offers nine courses in total. The Sand Hollows Reservoir offers camping and hiking, and you can backpack the Babylon Arch. Hurricane is also within driving distance of Zion National Park. Find your community in town at the community center, which has group fitness and a farmers market, as well as a choir group, drama troop, pickleball group, and pool. The senior center has arts and crafts workshops, fitness programs, movie nights, crocheting, an on-site thrift store, and health services as well as a dial-a-ride bus service. Dine at an American homestyle diner, BBQ joint, sub shop, or Mexican restaurant. Hurricane offers a pharmacy, dental clinic, and emergency center that transfers to the St George Hospital for all your medical needs. Shop at the Walmart for essentials, and catch the newest release at the movie theater. There are also barber shops and salons for all your hair care needs. The community of La Verkin is right next door, offering more chances for shopping, as well as the River Rock Roasting Company. Homes in Hurricane cost around $749,900.

Page, Arizona

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Page is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. At Lake Powell, you can boat, kayak, paddleboard, and fish for trout. Walk the trails at the Glenn Canyon Natural Recreation Area or at the Vermilion Cliffs. You can also explore Monument Valley or take part in some slot canyon hiking at Antelope Canyon. The Colorado River offers rafting, and you can view the beauty of Glenn Canyon Horseshoe Bend. There are also lots of guides you can hire and tours you can take part in to get the most out of these experiences. Find your people at the Lake Powell golf course or at the community center, which has classes, leisure opportunities, field trips, and a meal program. You can also join a stargazing group, softball team, or pickleball group. The library has art workshops and poetry readings, and the summer concert series is great for a warm evening. The town hosts many events throughout the year, including the Fine Art Festival in April and the Balloon Regatta at the end of October. There is also an outdoor market perfect for shopping locally. Need groceries? Shop at Walmart, a supermarket, Safeway, and Dollar Tree, and take care of your health with urgent care clinics and hospitals. Homes in Page average around $422,500.

Cortez, Colorado

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Cortez is full of history, which can be viewed from various museums and outdoor areas. Visit the Mesa Verde National Park, where you can explore archeological sights and cave dwellings. The Ute Mountain Tribal Park offers tours led by Native American guides, perfect for learning about the land's past. In town, find entertainment at the Sunflower Theater, which features performing arts and live music, or attend the library for author talks and mental health seminars. The Parque De Vida also hosts events throughout the year. The seniors center is excellent for a quick lunch, educational programs, and fitness opportunities like tai chi and balance training. Stay active by golfing at the Conquistador Golf Course or at the rec center, where you can swim, float down the lazy river, climb the rock wall, jog the track, use the fitness area, and play a sport on the courts. There is also an outdoor pool in town, and Centennial Park offers walking trails, a pond, and birdwatching. From June to September, shop for produce and sweet treats at the farmers market. For the everyday essentials, there is a Walmart and Safeway, as well as an organic market and Mexican food store. Get something to eat at a sandwich shop, pie shop, pizzeria, diner, sushi restaurant, Thai restaurant, or farm-to-table bistro. Meet with friends at a cafe or at the Wildedge Brewing Collective. And know your health is a priority with the in-town hospital, walk-in clinics, and dental clinics. Homes in Cortez cost around $357,200 on average.

Moab, Utah

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Moab homes average around $650,000, but the amenities and plethora of activities make up for the slightly steep price. Enjoy fishing for catfish and trout on the Colorado River or in the La Sal Mountains, which also offer alpine pines, lush forests, and opportunities to watch the leaves change color in the fall. The Slick Rock Trail in the Sand Flats Recreational Area is great for mountain biking, or you can hike in the Canyonlands National Park. There are also chances for climbing and canyoneering, as well as scenic drives. Take in the magnificent views at Dead Horse Point State Park or at the various arches, such as Corona, Wilson, and Pinto. The night sky is also ripe for stargazing. For movie buffs, enjoy knowing that dozens of famous films were filmed near Moab, including Transformers, Lone Ranger, 127 Hours, Star Trek, Indiana Jones, and shows like MacGyver. Many of these can be learned about at the film museum. But wait, there's even more outdoor fun to be had. Golf at the Moab Golf Club, or spend an afternoon at the Spanish Valley Vineyards. Attend a performance at the Moab Backyard Theater near Main Street, swim at the outdoor pool, and relax at a town park. Keep your creative mind happy with the Arts and Recreation Center, which has workshops, classes, and special events. On less than nice days outside, stop in at the Recreation and Aquatic Center, which has an indoor pool and fitness center, or catch some live music at a pub. Pick up groceries at the local supermarket and dollar store, and grab something sweet at a cafe, sweet shop, or gelato parlor. The town also offers on-demand transit, as well as a bus that drives along the main street, making your commute easy.

Pinetop-Lakeside, Arizona

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Three hours from Pheonix, the community of Pinetop-Lakeside is perfect for those wanting to combine recreation with accessible amenities. Catch a film at the movie theater. Join in on an activity at the library including gardening, puzzle exchanges, painting, and book sales. Find new friends at the craft fairs, garage sales, and group hikes. Stay fit with the yoga center and gym or by skiing during the winter at the Sunrise Park Ski Resort. Shop for groceries at Safeway or at a local market, and find something unique at a home decor shop, antique store, consignment store, or nursery. Indulge in some craft beer at Pinetop Brewing, or if beer isn't your style, sample something new at one of the many lounges and wine bars. Make your health a priority with an urgent care clinic, women's clinic, and foot clinic, and take advantage of the support at the community center. Here, you can attend dinner events, live music, classes and workshops, and quilting groups, as well as tend to the community garden. Now, let's get into the recreational side of Pinetop. With over 60 lakes and streams, there's no shortage of places to fish, swim, and paddle. And don't worry about one season being better than the other, as there is something to do all year round. In the winter, snowshoe, cross-country ski, and attend various winter events. In the spring, spot beautiful wildflowers and emerging wildlife. In the summer, hike the White Mountains trail system or golf at courses such as Pinetop Country Club, Pinetop Lakes, White Mountain, Torreon, Silver Creek, and Bison. During the fall, observe the changing colors, go horseback riding, and attend a festival like the car show and artisan market. Homes in Pinetop-Lakeside average around $660,000.

Finding Your Ideal Retirement in the Colorado Plateau

Each state has its own regulations, taxes, and opportunities, but with the convenience of the Colorado Plateau, you have the chance to really dive deep into researching your new community and finding the perfect home. Adventure, shopping, dining, and amenities are all factors to consider, but whichever town you choose, know that this historic landscape full of mountains, forests, lakes, and ruins has you covered when it comes to an entertaining and relaxing retirement.

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7 Towns Perfect for Retirement in Colorado Plateau (2024)


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