Man United fans FUME at 'muppets' on social media 'leaking' team (2024)

  • Various social media accounts claimed to be 'leaking' out Man United's team
  • Manchester United need to win the FA Cup to qualify for Europe next season
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Manchester United have been labelled a 'village team' by supporters after their FA Cup starting XI appeared to leak out on social media hours before kick-off - though the predicted line-up proved to be off the mark.

The leaking of team news has been an issue all season and is something key figures at United have been trying to get to grips with.

But ahead of a crucial FA Cup final at Wembley on Saturday, which represents United's last chance to qualify for European football next season, prominent Man United social media fan channels began revealing team news.

It had been claimed that Rasmus Hojlund, who started the last two matches on the bench against Newcastle United and Brighton, would start, while Sofyan Amrabat would get in ahead of Casemiro in midfield. However, this proved to be wrong - with Marcus Rashford given the nod ahead of the Dane at Wembley.

While nothing official had been detailed on Ten Hag's team, many United fans were furious that fellow supporters were jeopardising the club by 'leaking' the team early.

Many Man United supporters were left thoroughly unimpressed by the unverified 'leaks'

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'FA Cup final day and muppets like this trying to leak the whole team to get a few likes on Twitter,' fumed Matthew Jones, in response to a post claiming Bruno Fernandes is starting on the wing and Amrabat is in defensive midfield.

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'We're being run like a village club,' another disappointed fan wrote.

Prominent Man United influencer Mark Goldbridge claimed to have seen the team as early as Friday lunch-time.

'Leaking the team the night before is a bit week tbh (to be honest),' Goldbridge wrote.

'Yes players are leaking it but doesn't mean journalists have to.

'Many of us know the leaked one since yesterday lunchtime but understand it's a cup final ffs.'

A return to fitness for a number of players gives Ten Hag more selection options, something he suggested is a 'luxury' problem to have.

One account on X, formerly Twitter, who claims to have seen the line-up, said: 'Today's line-up will send some United fans' head to Mars.'

Accounts like 'UTDCredit' claimed that Rasmus Hojlund will return to the United starting line-up

United were always going to face Manchester City without Harry Maguire, who missed out through injury.

Maguire had missed the last four games with a muscle problem and Ten Hag confirmed 'it didn't heal as expected'. That means Lisandro Martinez is set to partner Raphael Varane in central defence againstCity at Wembley after both players recovered from injury.

United expectedMason Mount, Anthony Martial and Victor Lindelof to be available after all three players returned to training this week. However, Martial was left out of Ten Hag's team, effectively ending his Man United career in the process.

Maguire has not been in the starting line-up for any of the four cup finals United have reached during his time at the club, missing two through injury and starting the other two on the bench.

Ten Hag added: 'Harry Maguire is unavailable but for the rest, all of the players you mentioned, are available. Tomorrow final training and we make final decisions, but the way I see it now it looks good (for Mount, Martial and Lindelof and Martial).'

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Man United fans FUME at 'muppets' on social media 'leaking' team (7)

Man United fans FUME at 'muppets' on social media 'leaking' team (2024)


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